Spiritual Blessing

from the Saoshyant







Each Wednesday at noon Pacific Daylight Time, Her Holiness Alexandra Hehpsehboah offers blessings to people who have made requests. 

You may join the millions who benefit from the blessing by reaching out with your own good thoughts at this time, to help bring change and peace to humanity, mother earth and all celestial universes, and by following up with good words and good deeds for others in your day-to-day life. 

To be placed on Her Holiness' blessing list, please send your request to blessings@saoshyant.org.  

While each request may not be responded to in writing, given the volume of mail received, please know that your name will be promptly added to the blessing list.  



Manifestation - Face of Zarathustra in H.H. Hehpsehboah A.'s cup

Face of Zarathustra that manifest in Her Holiness' cup.



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