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Spiritual Accounts About The Saoshyant™





What People Have to Say About Her Holiness Alexandra 

"Thanking our great God for having brought you to this earth for all of us.  We reach out to you as the only living Holy Prophet for Zarathustrians / Zoroastrians - that you many lead the world into harmony and peace."

   - Molana, Razih, Iran


"According to our research, you are Zarathustra returned.  No one could have the amount of information you do regarding his time on earth and what took place, or know the things you have discussed about India, in those times and thereafter.  We know you to be the true prophet!" 

   - Mr. and Mrs. Ray Palmer (1971), Publishers of Oahspe


"You are the lady of the future.  May they all love you.  My many blessings go with you."

   - Padre Pio


"For a long time I thought you were no longer on this earth and we missed you. We missed the encouragement you gave to us women - that you told us we could do anything and bring change on the reserve.  You touched us and changed our lives. Thank you from our hearts from all of us here on the reserve."

   - T. Cotton, Blood Reserve, Alberta 


"The Greatest Prophet Alive.”

    - Don Weeks, WGY, Albany New York  


"Who is this woman - this facilitator, this death coach - and how does she know all this stuff about the hereafter? I asked her that and her answer was very long and detailed, but it came down to: Been there. Done that."

    - The Province, Vancouver, BC, Canada  


“You are a higher being who crossed the river of eternity to return to earth and bring a message of hope.”

    -  Ruth Montgomery, author of "The World to Come"


"Today I met an angel.  She came to heal and re-energize the crystal skull.  This angel is a messenger to the world."

    - Anna Mitchell-Hedges, custodian of the crystal skull


"I was a lama for many, many years and felt quite unfulfilled.  No matter how hard I worked and how many hours I meditated, I still felt unfulfilled.  Then one of my Tibetan friends took me over the to the Saoshyant's home and I had the opportunity to meet and speak with her for many hours.  It changed my life.  I say to the rest of the world...some call her the mother to humanity.. I call her the great light for the planet.  She said we must seek to create peace for our soul while we are here on earth and to learn about material life. Thank you Your Holiness." 

    - Ng Ching-Por


"One of the greatest healers of North America is visiting Mexico City and is offering to Clinaca Dresz her knowledge of the use of homeopathics in a modern form, as well as her knowledge of nutrition.  She is showing a new form of energy healing."

    - Mexico Nationale, Mexico City, Mexico 


"After having seen so many miracles and now the final one when we were in our desperation thinking we had our first child who had suddenly stopped breathing. One of the elders, an old minister, shouted out that even though we had not seen you in a long time, to call your name in the name of God and ask for your help. Within seconds we all knew you were there and Jake started breathing, even though the doctor said he had died. We just want to thank you for all the good you have done and do each and everyday for everyone." 

    - Jacob and Ana, Washington State, USA


"I was stuck in Vancouver with no help. I was wet and cold on Granville St.  You came that night in your red car and gave us sandwiches and soup. You asked if I wasn't a little young to be here and where I was from. I told you I wanted to go home but had no money to go. The next morning you came back with warm and dry clothes and took me to the bus. You gave me a ticket to go and called my mom and told her I was coming.  All I can say is thank you."

   - Danny, Montreal, Canada


"To us you are the greatest. The floods you had foretold for the UK are all over the place.  We hope that we don't need an arc." 

    - Paul Coyte, BBC London Live 


"I thank God that you are on the earth!"

    - Brian, (Chiropractor), Canada


"You shall be called by the multitude the great prophet of the most high for you are the one who speaks fearlessly to those of all religions to come together to stop the bigotry, racism and hatred.  You are the true and only peacemaker. You are surely the divine prophet who was called before the Shechinah in San Jose.  We remember that great day in January 1975 when more than 300 people voted you the greatest prophet alive after taking account of the many, many miracles you have done.

    - Christopher W. , San Jose, California  


At an alarming rate, I am witnessing the accuracy of the prophecies of Her Holiness unfold as she has said they would. Despite that information provided on the internet can easily be changed, I would like people to know that I have been following the Saoshyant.org over the past few years and can authenticate that the information has not been altered or changed to reflect any current or latest happenings in the world.  I express this because some people have suggested this to me when I tell them all about the Saoshyant website and I believe there are others who may go to her site and entertain those thoughts as well.  I know that the information hasn't changed because I've seen it with my own eyes and have visited many times and continue to discover & rediscover more each time I do so.  I'd like thank her for the amazing strength she has to continue to provide this information for us. Her guidance is immeasurable!  With much gratitude, 

    - Lois K, North Vancouver, Canada 


"You are a holy woman that we waited for, for a long time.  You are the messenger from the Great Spirit.  I can see the eagle above your head and so we know you are the true Thunderbird Woman.  Times will be changing now very fast for you have come to the earth and saw the suffering of your people." 

    - Victor North Peigan, Elder on Brocket Reserve, Alberta, Canada 


"Blessings to you for the great message of love and harmony you bring."

    - Rex Weyler, author of "Greenpeace:  How a Group of Ecologists, Journalists, and Visionaries Changed the World" and of Pulitzer Prize-nominated "Blood of the Land"


“In appreciation for bringing enlightenment to a troubled world.” 

    -  Brian Desborough, author of "They Cast No Shadows" and "A Blueprint for a Better World"


"My computer's speaker was sitting on the ledge of an open window and I was listening to your live peace radio show. You were speaking when all of a sudden a huge number of butterflies appeared, flying around the speaker and touching down on it. It was incredible!" 

    - Radio audience member, Florida, USA


"I witnessed a miracle on October 19th, 1964.  We had given your newborn infant 10 blood transfusions but were unable to save her. I declared your baby dead. Then the three of us present watched as you called out to your child and asked the Creator to bring her back.  We witnessed the miracle unfold as she [Desiree] came back to life."

   - Professor/Doctor Sansone, Hospital Galliera, Genova, Italy 


"When nobody believed me, my father called you - a true holy woman - who never asked for anything and always helped everyone in need. You were there in my darkest hour.  I thank Creator that he sent you to this earth."

   - Robert North Peigan, Alberta, Canada


"I want to thank you for the privilege of attending your mass healing at Ocean Park [September 4th 2005] and to be in your presence.  When I first encountered you I was walking with a cane and having great difficulty going up and down steps.  Now I am walking freely and do not use a cane and it is easy to go up and down steps.  The rest of my body feels so much healthier and free as well.  I was able to vacuum and wash my floors all in the same afternoon.  I have not had that much energy for nearly a year.  Thank you for your love and compassion that allows this healing to happen.  My son had not seen me for sometime and he was amazed at how well I am walking.  I know I will be running soon.  With great thanks and appreciation."

    - Janet, White Rock, Canada 


"I watched her onstage and with my own eyes saw a number of spirits appear with her. She then dematerialized and rematerialized.  While I have spiritual sight, I have never witnessed anything like this."

    - Joseph D, Vancouver, Canada 


"I was struck with awe that such a miracle could occur coming from the other world to this world.  It was so amazing - the gift that came during your meditation class. Out of the blue appeared four beautifully cut opals that perfectly matched the ones missing from the ring given me by my grandmother. No one knew about the ring or that I had been shopping for the stones and had been unable to find the sizes I needed. What a miracle manifestation."

   - Reverend Sarah N., White Rock, Canada  


"How can we explain this?  Our family is all together here tonight for this special occasion. Yet each of us spoke with you in our own homes, in different towns earlier this afternoon while Andy said he was with you in your own house the whole afternoon.  But this cannot be.. how can we have seen you in six different locations at the same time?"

    - The Moen Family, Abbotsford, Canada 


"Your blessings have changed my life."

    - Rangitha, India


"You need not question a woman of the Most High. You only need to listen to the words to know that she is a Prophet.  She speaks as one who sounds the trumpet of a warning for all nations of people. Her voice will not always [be] with us, therefore we need to heed the call."

    - Omiyinka, Japan


"You are God's gift to mankind. May they know it.  You are the mother, the prophet who loves the world. You are also the one who raised my little brother from death.  We have not forgotten and are forever grateful whenever we look at him." 

    - Jay R., Florida, USA 


"With all the madness and chaos that surrounds us each day, I find it difficult to stay centered and with spirit.  I pray for us all that we may shine truth and for the gods to intervene in the hearts and minds of those who are confused and those who administer such lies and confusion on all of Creator's children.  I will no longer feel fear whether it is intentionally placed [or not] and pray for the support of our heavenly family and ancestors to hear our plea for peace and a dramatic change in the hearts and minds of all mankind.  You bring truth to the world.  Unite the spiritual ones together and pray to the gods and angels to focus on those that are confused and those who administer the confusion.  When I marched with the massive during the antiwar demonstration and felt totally defeated that we could not stop the inevitable, I simply gave up.  When I knew in my heart and soul that the 2004 election was a scam, I simply gave up. I use to feel that being political was not for me and that it does no good,  but I no longer can sit still while others are doing the work that is needed to bring out the truth."

    - Randy, California, USA  


"I have been listening to your 'Soul Journey' radio show on Friday evenings for some time now. Whether you speak about Judaism, Christianity, Islam or Zarathustrianism, I learn something new each week.  You truly must be ancient to have such in-depth knowledge of the history of religions and this planet.  Having been raised Christian, my belief system now begins to feel unstable.  I am beginning to question the beliefs I have held so long. I ran across a quote from Ernest Renan (The Life of Jesus (1863)) and wanted to pass it along as I think it rings true. "Two means of proof ... miracles and the accomplishment of prophecies... could alone in the opinion of the contemporaries of Jesus establish a supernatural mission..."If ever the worship of Jesus loses its hold on mankind, it will be precisely on account of those acts which originally inspired belief in him."  Thank you for your compassion towards all and for opening me to more than I knew existed."

    - Jake H., Montana, USA


"Letter to Editor - Message of Peace Valued... Thank you for your article on Her Holiness Alexandra Hehpsehboah. It gave me opportunity to listen to hear a great message of hope, love and healing for humanity.  Through her generosity of spirit I learned so much about healing, the power and energy of love that I had never heard before. For me, it is the answer to a life-long search.  In a short space of time she revealed truths one could spend a fortune and never find.  [We ] would do well to recognize and respect her as our messenger of peace." 

    - J.J.Kitgood, Surrey, Canada


"I will forever treasure all the knowledge, healing and love I have received from you for I know my soul has developed at an accelerated pace since our meeting."

    - Cindy N., Toronto, Ontario 


"Surely my soul was searching for Her Holiness. My spirit needed to soar closer to the Creator.  I am so happy you showed me the way. Thanks."

    - Yvette, Thorold ,Canada 


"I sojourned half of my life through India on a quest to find the answer for God and suddenly I encountered you and I knew you were Shiva, Krishna and all that I had looked for in one. Thanks for you to have opened the door to total spirituality." 

    - Rafie, India 


"After going and studying for many years to become a priest, I met you and could not forget your face and your wisdom.  I first thought I had found God.  After conversing with you, I discovered I was empty.  After listening for weeks and trying to hang on to what I was taught, I was sitting out in a park and suddenly - as if an answer to my thoughts - there you were.  I understood that God is within each and everyone.  Thank you.  I hope the world will find you too." 

    - (former) Father Francesco, now Franco Francesco, London, England


"You are the example for humanity to follow.  We are seeing blind and I hope we will be able to see soon, for you are the true messenger for all people." 

    - John, Nakusp, Canada 


"You are balm to the hearts of those who suffer and have suffered.  You bring a song of healing to those who are lost and feel there is no G-d.  I have noticed how many listening to you have returned to the G-d of their hearts.  You are a true Meshiah.  Thanks from my heart. 

    - Rabbi Kalmar, Holocaust Survivor, Romania 


"I was broken and no one wanted to pick me up.  But you took me in, in my drugged up stupor, and healed me and gave me back my life.  I will always remember you."

    - Christian, Germany 


"When I came back to Canada after losing my belongings in India, Canadian government assistance offered me $2.50. You helped me, no questions asked."

    - Amy, Vancouver, Canada 


"Happy Mother's Day to a great mother to humanity!  Thank you for guiding us in the ways of love and compassion and for all the good that you bring to this planet."

    - With peace and love, Lady C.


"She gave my family and me the strength to face my brother's terminal illness and she gave my brother a peace of mind and a sense of joy for the journey he was about to undertake." 

    - Trudy H, Delta, Canada 


"Many times I came to listen to you as you spoke to the ones who were broken and very poor.  You gave them hope.  Then there were the very rich in our town who sat around you - some of them debating about what you taught.  In the beginning I would walk away and think - what is it that is happening to me?  Your voice was ringing in my soul.  I tried to shake it off. After all, I am a Vicar and should know it all - Christian history, God, and where it all came from.  I said that I could not believe that my faith was shaken and I was guided to go inside. I stayed away for three weeks but when my wife asked why I was so grumpy , she told me to go back and listen some more and debate. I did.  Then, you set me free. I am about to retire from churchy business and can't help that I am teaching my soul to speak.  My own spiritual wisdom has awakened in me because of you." 

    - (former) Vicar Calderwood, Nova Scotia, Canada 


"With love and thankfulness for your many gifts of love, compassion, healing and light!  I am so grateful for your presence on this planet and in my life. May this year flow with grace and ease as you continue on your mission and may the Creator continue to send you all that you require and wish for to accomplish all that needs to be done.  Love to you."

    -Carlotta N. Canada


"I found you speaking last Friday on the internet  and could not believe the joy this gave to my family and myself. To us, it awoke so many beautiful memories and it confirmed to us that God, the one you call Creator, is still with us even though I know our country is in this horrible war and the wars that are cooking around the world. I thank God we found you again."

    - Anna R. Montreal, Canada (from USA)


"A very special ceremony took place in a temple in Vancouver in the winter of 1974. People had arrived from all over Canada.  Her Holiness Alexandra Hehpsehboah was invited to attend.  As she entered the reception area, many of the elders looked at each other and said "this is the one."  Three of the elders sent all the others up into the temple, while asking Her Holiness to stay back. "We want you to be the last to go up the stairs," they said. "They must all wait for you to come, for the holy ones always are last.  The great ones never hurry to the front of the crowd for they know what is there awaiting and what is there that will be given to them." 

    - Ceremonial Master, Vancouver,  Canada 


"Thank you for being such a special part of my life now and for helping me to realize that I still have much to give to myself and others. Being around you has renewed my interest in all things and has helped to inspire me to greater accomplishments, just when I needed it. May the Creator bless you for all that you do, this day and forever."
   - Greg, Florida, USA 


"I was so scared on Granville Street.  They wanted me to be a prostitute. You went and got me a dress and coat from a second hand store and called my Auntie in San Francisco.  Thank you."

    - Yin, Vancouver, Canada 


"Thank you for your ongoing help and compassion during the past 10 years.  You [do] not seek  aggrandizement and offer balance so that we can always find the path of truth in what is being presented to the so many sections of media in the world. Your prophecies are amazingly accurate and your message of peace brings hope to humanity. You are a true mother of peace so please continue your magical work and enlighten the world with the Truth."

   - John, Chicago  


"I am greatly appreciative of the information that I am learning about myself and others.  I know you require high standards of people you share [with] and teach to.  I hope you know that I am doing the best that I can with where I am spiritually in this life so far. You truly are a loving soul. Thank you, thank you, thank you."

   - Anita, Vancouver, Canada


"[Her Holiness Alexandra] Hehpsehboah is a worker for peace ......an Angel sent to help our world.....I would love to meet her."

    - Sue, United Kingdom  


"As I have known of your prophecies for the last 10 years, I have also known of their tremendous accuracy.  I have watched them come true day by day.  This is very helpful for a lot of people.  I hope many people will learn from you to have a good life and good future." (当我知道您的预言最近10 , 我并且知道他们的巨大准确性。 我观看他们天天来真实。 这是非常有用的为很多人民。 我希望许多人将学会从您有好的生活和好未来。)
    - Dr. J. Chang ( J. Chang


"In my knowing you, I can only attempt to describe the amazement and awe of what it is like to interact with you and listen to you speak. May I thank you for all you have done for humanity in your mission here on earth, for your vast intellect when speaking on any subject, for the empowering messages you pass on to us, for your astounding accuracy in your global forecasts, for your wisdom of the universes - the higher and lower heavens, the various different life forms, the Creator - the All and All, for the miraculous healings you bring, for the soul awakening information you give and the list goes on... How can we thank you for the torture and hardship you have endured for us in living out your mission for humanity. You bring hope for the new tomorrow in the lives of  the people and set a strong foundation for each to be self empowered through love, compassion, intelligence and wisdom, to live life for the Creator in the most high of spirituality and to be self empowered through being in the know and through spiritual living.  Each of us can live for the most high starting now. It has been a life-changing experience for me and in my excitement of life I strive towards learning and growing more in wisdom and truth. You are a blessing and bring many blessings to us."

    - Patrick, Ontario, Canada


"Last summer a 48-year old childhood friend of mine went to the doctor with a complaint about a rash.  She walked away with a diagnosis of 4th-stage non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.  The medical profession put her through chemotherapy and a stem-cell transplant that was intended to give her a new immune system.  However, shortly after the transplant she got the bad news that spots had appeared on her lungs.  The cancer was back.  The transplant had failed.  I talked to Her Holiness about my friend.  She knew I was distraught at the thought of losing a close friend who was still in her prime with a husband and children.  What happened the next week was incredible.  My friend went back to the doctor to discuss the results of a subsequent cat scan.  The doctor said they must have made a mistake because the spots had disappeared from her lungs.  My friend is now in full remission. It truly was a miracle.  I know that Her Holiness healed my friend.  I’ve seen evidence of her remote healing abilities demonstrated within my own family where my younger sister had a lump on her breast mysteriously disintegrate the day before surgery.  I’ve heard many miraculous stories from people who are walking around alive today and attribute their health to Her Holiness.  I have also witnessed Her Holiness' forecasts being fulfilled on a daily basis over the past 7 years.  I’ve listened to those who heeded her warnings about coming floods, earthquakes, economic slides, etc. and thank her from the bottom of their hearts.  I’ve also seen those who did not listen cry that they wished they had.  I know Her Holiness to be an amazingly prophetic being, a wonderful humanitarian, a great healer and someone who works tirelessly to bring about global change and a better tomorrow for all.  I cannot thank her enough for all that she has done for my family, my friends, myself and for all that she is doing for humanity." 
    - Katharina, Vancouver, Canada


"Each and every one of us create our universe around us by attracting those whom we wish to deal with in this lifetime.  We all have good people and bad people within our sphere of influence who affect us.  The good ones contribute energy to our survival and the bad ones deplete  energy away from our survival.  Sometimes we don't know who is good or bad but H.H. A. Hehpsehboah knows.  She helped me sort out who was good and who was bad and how to deal  with them.  I have got my energy back and I am headed in the right direction.  I wish to thank H.H. A. Hehpsehboah very much for the guidance and also for connecting me up with more good people.  I have been more active and prosperous since knowing her over the last 2 months than I have been for a very long time. Thank you. Thank you."

    - Rainer, British Columbia, Canada 


"Many, many, many thanks for all your past predictions.  I have found your lectures to be most empowering and eye-opening.  Your forecasts of future events have proven to be very accurate.  I shall always remember the blizzard conditions you predicted for New York City on the day my son was scheduled to leave on his vacation.  You were right on and the storm they received was like nothing they had ever seen before.  This in only one instance of where your help has proven invaluable.  The people in my area are looking forward to your return visit.  Thank you for the life enhancing information you have provided us with over the past 10 years.  I thank the creator every day for bringing me to you and vice versa and look forward to your return.  God Bless.  Take care."  

    - Patti, St. Catharines, Ontario


"I am writing to thank you so much for the miracles that you have created in my life. At the time I met you I owned a house in a very little town in southern Manitoba. I purchased your book and in it there is a forecast [that] the the town where I had my house in would definitely be under water. I put the house up for sale and I was told by the realtor that there already were twelve other houses for sale in that small town and that before I purchased that house it had been on the market for two years!  He was not hopeful that it would sell. You told me you would help me sell the house and within a couple of weeks I was driving back to clean out the rest of my things from the house and it sold as I was enroute to get there. The realtor was amazed and stunned to say the least. I know that the only reason it sold was because of you.  Not only did it sell but it sold for more than I paid for it! Thank you so much."

   - Donna, White Rock, Canada


"Peace is Just a Breath Away

Come and sit beside me and let me tell you the story
Of a grand and beautiful being who was sent here for love, peace and glory
On a day like no other, the winds called out to the trees with a smile
She's here at last! Let us dance and sing, for we have been waiting for this moment for a long while
It's clear to see with the many gifts she brings, through love and compassion, will come peace

Then all humanity will hear as her heart sings
Love a little more, each and every day
Lend a helping hand for peace is on its way
Forgive yourself, forgive the others
Compassion brings peace for our sisters and brothers.
Let it be known on this very day, that the woman I speak about
is just a breath away.
Hear her words of wisdom and truth, broadcasting without borders,
reaching from here to the island of Aloha.
May we thank her for touching our hearts and teaching us a better way.
Thank you."

    - Poem written by Ponnetta, Minnesota, USA for H.H. A. Hehpsehboah


"Thank you for your gifts of encouragement and care."

    - Jann, Washington State, USA


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