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  Archived Writings of the Saoshyant

"The path to a full spiritual life is ours to travel, but to walk in the fullness of life each of us must make the decision to use the power of personal responsibility that loving Creator has bestowed upon us."

- H.H. Alexandra H.


Note:  Please follow Her Holiness' "In the Know" Blog for her latest writings. You can also tune in to daily words of wisdom and inspiration at "Quote of the Day."  (Archived writings are shown below.)


The godly ones like Her Holiness Alexandra Hehpsehboah  are never out to control but rather to be the great world teachers who divert mankind from death to life eternal.  She guides people to accept all pure living and begin pure life. She is the lady guru - the Saoshyant - the teacher's teacher.  She urges us to build spirituality, not religiousness. 

                 - Beneficiaries of Her Holiness' teachings  


July 24, 2009


Ah joy, ah bliss of my very being.  Bliss of our planet.  Bliss of my desire - my Creator - our universe - mother/father all divine.  Bliss if my life ended in this body and my soul, my spirit, came to be free!  I left this time of tears to be free - free at last - and see my life not lost in vain. Joy, oh joy, return to me - my bliss - to vibrate. 


February 15, 2009 


Birds Must Fly


For all those who reach out to ask for blessings for themselves or their loved ones, I happily fulfill their requests.


Over the years I have also taken on helping a wide variety of people who found themselves in many forms of distress, danger or need.  Somehow, someway, they manage to arrive on my doorstep, either literally or figuratively.   I have been happy to give of my time, energy and resources to assist in whatever way I could and have often put my own work for the world on hold and existence at risk while dealing with their situations.


Some people are very appreciative and humble.  They gratefully accept the help, soak in the guidance and say that they leave tremendously empowered – to act in knowledge and wisdom as they continue on their soul journey.  My heart soars for these people for I know that they will in turn help and empower others on their path.  This is as it should be. 


Others become interested in the work here and want to help in making a difference in the world.  They have no hidden agendas.  They do not seek their own self-aggrandizement, but rather recognize that during these challenging times upon the planet, people must come together to help one another.  They understand my words that humanity must change from “me, me” to “us” in order to survive the challenges ahead.  I welcome their interest and help.


Unfortunately, I all too often see others who feel the world owes them personally – people who get lost in ego, self-centred interests or who want to be hand-held through their existence. It is often these people who become energy vampires – always wanting more and never being satisfied.  For some, no matter how much I give, it is never enough and will never be enough.  Interestingly, it is also these very people who become abusers, who seek and accept help but in fact resent receiving it for they feel inside that they should have been able to do it themselves or whose memory becomes very selective once they have received it.  Or maybe they wanted something from me that I was unable or unwilling to give.  So, they lash out or attack.  And if you choose to ignore them, they become incensed – twisting truths, lying or manipulating their way into self-aggrandisement and trashing you – the very one who helped them or was good to them – in the process. Yet, they do so without regard as to what they do to themselves as a result.  Soul is everlasting, but karma is now. There is never an action for which there is no consequence.  For these people I feel sorry, for their life and soul journey is hampered only by their own actions.


Some people are religiously or spiritually confused.  Some have a deep seated desire to be “the one” others seek out but this is often driven by a deep-routed lack of self esteem that plays itself out in the opposite way as they seek to become the king or queen pin, they think, but who lack the spiritual destiny, knowledge and experience given by the heavens to do so.  This becomes a hard lesson.  Some are intent on glorifying themselves through my information and teachings - past, present and future – but they neither recognise nor are equipped to deal with the responsibility that imparting information entails. They are unripe spiritually but try to pass themselves off as the ripe fruit there to empower all.  Are they ready for the karmic responsibilities they are creating and that must be addressed in this lifetime?


I have so much love to give for the planet and for humanity and there is so much love from all to share upon the planet. If people would come together – hand in hand, heart to heart, what a wonderful place this would be. We must choose – not out of egotism but out of purity of heart – to make this a bearable and better place.  When I started the world movement for change back in 2002 and launched major peace/change events, including the longest running peace event ever (4 months, 24 hours a day internet radio broadcast), it was with the intent that humanity come forward as participants in global change for the betterment of all.   I invite all to participate without the walls of religious bigotry, hatred, prejudice and confusion.


This is your planet.  I can help the Creator mend the bird’s broken wing, but once able, the bird must learn to fly again.  All races, creeds and colour can come together to help all birds with broken wings to rise up and fly once again.


January 1, 2009 


Come all kind ones.  Don't worry.  Now we can do it.  We can make peace light, on our planet,  the candle of goodness in our hearts.  Banish all hatred.  We can still make it now with our divine will.  Join me and wish peace for all. 


January 1, 2009 


I call all to change, to control our anger and egos.  Ban all anger in the brain by controlling self and disciplining ego away and into a state of not "me, me" but rather "we, we," ...setting all free of racism and of "I am rich and of pure colour," whatever that is. 


December 14, 2008


Be in shape spiritually and in body.  Be at peace.  Karma is a teacher.  Be empowered by knowing self.  Karma is now.  Don't stay in a faulty relationship.  It destroys many harmonies in the lives of two or more people.  Karma is now.  Don't create bad karma.  Every action has a positive or negative outcome.  When you tend a garden with love, those who eat of it will experience love and feel healing.  Sow as you reap as you change in kindness.  When changes are at hand, the fool runs away.  The wise one sits still and examines self and knows compassion for self and others and the planet.  You are all connected in pure vibrations and the harmony of the Creator. Become an infinitely aware self, creating the divine life on earth.  Have a spiritual work out.  Join us.  Positive living is empowering each other.  Be clear about where you will be empowered during these times.


December 6, 2008 


To all Religions, Psychisms and other Isms – yes even Moslems, Spiritualists and even Moonies, Buddhists and Masons ….


If you desire peace, you have to learn love and kindness and, as Zarathustra found out, stop the hatred, jealousy and one-upmanship.  Remember that all are different.  You have created different thoughts about what your God is or looks like.  I have to note that males seem to have some fear of females and female spirituality.  For the last three thousand years women have suffered, except in Egypt.  Then in Egypt ancient mysticism and Zarathustrianism were phased out when the Masons and then Rome came in with their creation of Christianity.  Like it or not the Moslems are the same except for their cover, as they came out of the Christian cradle.  Women are viewed as nobodies who have no value, can’t be trusted, are somewhat brainless and who are not to be seen or, Creator forbid, heard.  The time for the truth is now.  Rome is afraid to give women notice and power.  Most of the Moslem sects are women beaters and abusers.  So we see an abomination to the kind Creator – the he/she all powerful.  Religious institutions do not know it all.  People need to know that there is life after death.  Life is everlasting.  You who speak about karma, made it a brand and changed and adjusted it.  The Jesus story is more confused than ever, since it is a conjuration.  Rome stole and used Zarathustra’s life story for the Jesus story.  Cardinals, Bishops and Deacons from Rome have admitted and affirmed it to me.  Now is the time to set it straight and have peace before all hell breaks out.  Be kind – all of you – to all others.


This is the time, now more than ever, when there is no need for more confusion on earth.  There is one divine life for all.  Karma is now.  Force no killing.  Do not use women as breeding stock to grow your religions.  Women are sacred beings, not rabbits or rats that are easy to dispose of.  They are not to be used as play things in dungeons under your churches or as breeding stock for sacrifices.  Greed and dishonour must now end forever. 


I am the voice for all who need to change.  Know that this is the time.  I say to the New Agers that it is called respect for the holy energy.  The greedy, selfish, “me,me” society is coming to an end.  Those of greed who want to control the planet are going to kill off more than 85% of the world’s population through economical collapse, wars and natural and man-made disasters.  When the polar shift happens they will think they will be safe in outer space and want to return once the devastation ends, but will learn this is not possible. 


Since mother earth moves and the serpent from the universe travels and slithers over countries on earth, you will see disasters take place. Prepare now in kindness and wake-up.  Hatred must end now.   Negotiate for peace and harmony and educate about overpopulation by offering wholesome birth control, not slaughter as the option.


Information from my books and upcoming DVDs need to be known for your sake, not mine.  Seek peace.  Help the poor.  All are of one Creation – one divine All of the All he/she Creator.


November 27, 2008 


In answer to question posed in an email to Her Holiness:  "You, the holy one.  Please tell me who goes to heaven and who does not?"  


The one who goes to heaven is kind, truthful and has a disciplined brain; is of pure spirit, pure mind and kind soul;  has lived life and knows all perils; has experienced suffering, joy, darkness and light and still knows pureness from darkness; knows poverty; has felt other's greed and hatred and can still feel compassion even for those who hate, kill and are the ones who are fools and who throw away a holy path; and knows love, kind love and respect for all life is the only way - a blessing to all souls to come.  


November 22, 2008


My soul cries out to all.  Oh you in all religions, I am not of you.  I know your hunger for power and you who seek global control.  There is no soul in your prayers left.  Void you are.  No, not a vibration of the All Perfect left!  No saints recite prayers of love, of egoless uplifting joy of pure souls.  You turned to a "me, me" society, void of pure mother/father creation and pure divinity.  Come with me and be free and full of love. 


November 20, 2008 


Voice for Mother Earth 

It is so easy to create a war and see the warmongers stand ready to attack. This is a tragedy for real. Nothing has changed. The truth can't be buried. It awakens every time the aggravators tell a lying story. Awakened is the past. 

Stories of murdered babies buried under alters, from nuns violated by priests . Nuns who have gone insane from priests' abuse . Pedophile priests who molest boys and girls . Whoring and snoring . Religious murders by the millions. Research history. When false justice is played, global appeal begins to see the truth of who controls the planet. The religious sects set up fools followers and greedy arms dealers. They are the very ones who manipulate people into sect divisions, religious differences and most of all race differences. Then it's division of rich and poor and don't forget country versus country.

Spirituality is the purest of energies but see and search out the truth. I am for life. Don't mistake this. But Rome must stay out of all life decisions. What gives William Donohue the right to threaten closure of Catholic hospitals if the new USA government doesn't tow the line on Vatican's abortion stand? Who is he really targeting to control here? Given the bloodcurdling history of the Roman Catholic Church, what gives them the right to be so self-righteous?

Now is the time to bring peace through harmony. The planet needs peace. Hear me now. A religious dictatorship is not needed. Reason it out. Be clear of mind and heart. Join me if you dare to agree.


October 17, 2008


John McCain appeared October 16th at the Al Smith memorial dinner, a political tradition in New York.  Just to point out to Mr. McCain that his shot about it being Zoroastrian New Year was incorrect and misplaced.  At the risk of offending Zarathustrians/Zoroasrians, his handlers should have explained to him that Zarathustrian New Year is in March. 


October 15, 2008


So many natural laws exist.  There are many gods, as religions have created.  These gods had either gentle or violent natures at one time or another.  Some goddesses are still remembered but many have been forgotten.  There were kind ones and cruel ones.  Now is the time to realise that there is one he/she Creator who is all wise, all natural and all powerful.  The Creator is within all of us.  We must change and learn what love for all is.  We must claim respect for life, nature and living - and not have fear of, or hatred for, different races.  Man's ego creates more religions seeking power.  The Creator knows no hatred and creates forever naturally.  


So long as the will for pure life is in mankind, we have hope for harmony and kind earth life.  We must change - stop egos, greed and controllers.  Teach children about life with love but never end  with "I am more powerful than you."  This will change the lower god spirits.  Remember that your Bible says to "Worship no other god but me."  So, the ones competing in ego and arrogance knew but never spoke of the Divine One - the Creator - the male/female entity that would stop all wars and religion building. We need to remember that it is not the sun or moon to worship, but rather the gentle and all-powerful Divine Creator whose force is on earth and throughout the many universes and galaxies.  Looeamong is a fallen god who believes in killing to gather souls for his control.  He uses religions on this planet as tools for war and power.  The moment mankind becomes wise and celebrates living beyond the body, regardless of race, colour or creed, then all wars will end. The walls will tell if we listen.  Life can be so pure.


October 5, 2008 


As International Peace Speaker for First Nations' Red Web Society for New Millennium,  I call upon all countries whether directly involved or not involved in current wars and conflicts, to demand negotiations for peace be it in the Middle East or elsewhere in the world.  War has never brought peace. It is time to reason. People need to demand that their governments negotiate to make peace.  If not, the consequences to this planet will be severe in the very near future. 


October 4, 2008


So many people have no idea of peace in their lives since they can't release ego and must own and control and make war in their homes or countries.  Ego never has enough, yet it is flawed since it can't own a thing. 


December 29, 2007 


I wish all upon this planet peace and an expectation of peace through all peoples on earth by their hearts desire of harmony, by solving of all differences between races, creeds and colours, by seeking the truth and bringing kindness to all and by calling an end to New World Order manipulations by the favoured nine – those who have no respect or feeling for man nor beast but only the drive to control the planet and ready it for 2012 under the New World Order.  We know that the people of India, Pakistan, Tibet, Egypt, Iran, Italy, Spain, France, etc. have spoken for many generations of space ships as evidenced in ancient paintings.  Now is the time for the disclosure of truths.


December 27, 2007


A call to you.  Free to be yourself.   The call to be free of threats and fear mongering and to come to know pure spirit within and to know you are a loving soul and of pure mind.  Use your body to manifest your greatest good.  It is the hour to come to realize that now is your time as a divine being for you are a perfect creation born free from hatred and victimization of others who were misguided or trained by those in pain and hatred.  Come to be the one in the know and to be the activated mind of all good actions, as Zarathustra did leave as a message for all on earth.  Celebrate the coming of the Creator to our planet – not as Jesus or a prophet but as the All of the All.  Now is the time to claim self through rejecting past pains and dealing with the good one you are – forever free of the fear mongers and free of all material controlling and the “must haves.”   Now you are in the time of wisdom.  Understanding and salvation is in you.  It is the time of the great return to our Creator.  Love all created – all colours, religions, single by choice, partnered or married.  Be free of labels.  Celebrate life.  Be free.  Be yourself.  Be pure soul.


August 12, 2007


Oh my Divine, All Pure, All of the All, Creator.  I call on you with a million desiring hearts. Come and unite the hearts of mankind - those who tasted and those who never tasted war or starvation.  May poor and rich come to be like one and unite to see their differences, like part of divine growth.  May they all come as one and love life of all created in your energy of pure soul ... like a great symphony of love, where all come and celebrate your creations of sweet love. 


July 6, 2007 


Those who say that the spiritually ripe are needy, are themselves spiritually soured and greedy.


A gentle word to a stranger is like a warm embrace for the spirit.  A kind word is remembering when one is down forever and is a ray of sunshine along the way. 


No selfish gift had ever a loving return.  


The one who never shares his/her fortune is not remembered with a smile. 


Be good, said the angel, and I will wait when your time has come.


Those who are greedy must know there are no banks in heaven.


Those who spread the word of goodness and reach out, will know the time has come to gather the lovers of peace.  


May 27, 2007 


The first breath you take is the breath of eternity and the breath for the walk upon earth you take.


May 26, 2007


A strong humanity is not ever victimized by money, and so they are empowered through knowledge and peaceful memories.  From balanced actions practiced through good thoughts, good words, good deeds and fair justice for all, without racism or division of male and female, wiser we are, full of loving memories, living in peace upon a whole planet. Never does one-upmanship offer peace. Only kindness will.


April 26, 2007 


The prophet sees a planet in pain.  The ones who in callousness live creating hardship and pain for innocents – man and beast.  The prophet calls to all to seek peace and share and to bring balance and sharing so all can live in peace.  Learn to reason.  See the consequences of war and hate, for all reason is a master.  The soul is seeking peace and is hard to check.  To train it at forever life on earth will bring a heavenly price. Train it at global peace so it will find happiness. Tolerance is the answer on the road to pure living.


April 17, 2007


To all who suffer. 


This day and every day you experience the pain of loss of a loved one, remember there is no death.  Love lasts forever.  Your love will empower your loved ones and your peace will bring your loved ones strength.  Their love will surround you forever. Crossing that veil, does not separate us.  May you all find peace through the power of compassion to all who suffer loss.


The greatest suffering creates the greatest wisdom and kind compassion for all life and inspires true love and a true coming to love all, even the ones lost in anger and suffering.  May you all find the Great Spirit - Creator, who cares for all.


April 12, 2007 


For you who have failed to bring out your highest good and stand up against hatred, racism and war, examine yourself and if the shoe fits, put it on.  Before anything, remember this when you are in a powerful position or even more so when in a position as clergy, priest, Rabbi, the Dilly Dally, minister or teacher, for you are in a to organize and stop the hatred. 


Governments, whether of ancient or young countries need to come to negotiate for calm and peace.  War is not a game to see who has better weapons or whose ego is so self-centred and without spirituality or wisdom that they can't see that it is not about oil, gold, or silver.  The wise will never set up the true religious ones, meaning they would not kill what the Almighty created. 


Children need to learn to be peaceful and come to understand that the planet is in its onset vibrations of a polar shift.  My warning to all is to stop now and call on the clergies and governments to come to be in wisdom and open negotiations for peace, harmony, tranquility and healing, not for oil or gold of any kind.  The planet must be saved by peaceful means.  I call upon all who have voice to speak out, to heal without arrogance or egotistical airs. I call for all people upon the planet to rise up, come together and reach out to all of those in sickness, hunger and despair and those who have lost their homelands. This planet does not belong to anyone in a physical body. It belongs to the Creator and humanity is here upon the planet to learn and bring out its highest good.  It is not a "me" but an "us" call to all.  Stop hatred and greed. 


April 5, 2007


First, we need to know our own self, to learn to honour the self and respect others, to have compassion for all life....developing humility, understanding ego as a form of fear and low self esteem, abandoning selfish attitudes, offering true compassion, freeing and accepting defeat and offering victory over self, being the ultimate being of peace, knowing life is pure and forever, following Ahura Mazda's teachings and the guidance of Zarathustra and myself. 


February 25, 2007 


There are no schools to train for holiness. So, just be and bless everyone. 


February 14, 2007


Open your hearts and reason. See what is around you. Do not think that being in the know is negative. There could be nothing more positive than stopping the warlike behaviour and stopping the fattening up of weapon manufacturers. Check out the Piso family, the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers and the ‘glamorous’ Vatican.  Before WW II, hundreds of thousands of people warned other people and risked their lives.  Gypsies, Protestants, gays, learned men and women from universities were trucked off to concentration camps along with the Jewish people.  Seek what is pure and empowering. Do not roll over or you will become victim of what is taking place.  It takes serious action, compassion and love, my friends.


Be prepared. Don’t fall victim to not having sufficient food or to be forced to drink heavily polluted and medicated water supplies.  Stock up on multiple tissue salts (homeopathic formulas).  They have been around for more than 165 years and have survived all the medical shenanigans.  Refuse to buy canola oil and genetically engineered foods.  Stand straight in the truth.  Use your money for those who work with you and for you, and for those who are sick and starving. How much more money does the Dilly Dally (Lama) or your church need?  Show the good deeds done by billions raked in every year.


Be in the know.   Before it is too late, negotiate.  The truth and kindness will preserve your planet and set it free. There is no other choice but to return to the ancient way when you could leave your doors open and not have to worry about your neighbours.  But the current condition, with so many in poverty or on drugs and desperate to get their fix, is why locked doors are needed today.  You need to come into the know and help one another. If you have had disagreements with your loved ones anywhere, repair them. Don’t sit and say you will ‘om’ your way into riches.  Your day-to-day living will empower you if you have positive thoughts.  Negotiate.  Through the positivity of being in the know and prepared, you can turn it around even at this late moment. May you all walk in the glorious sunlight that will soon stroke your heads.


February 11, 2007


Those who are followers, who are blindly walking and living, who are not seeking the truth and who criticize those who do, or who condemn that which is reality and that what they do not know about,  they are the ones who did not choose or investigate what to believe in and follow the confusion and lying every day of their lives. But then the hour of death is  confusing to them because many lost their way due to false gods who needed their souls. Those in religions who teach false ways, where one day you are taught not to kill or murder and the next to pick up a sword and kill, contradict themselves.  How confusing. The pure ones will rise when disaster strikes, then return to the Great Spirit and repent. Return to pure life and save your planet. 


January 29, 2007


Stop All Wars and Hatred!  Otherwise you will all lose - in particular the USA.


2007-2009 reflects the beginning, expanding or ending of war conflicts.  The USA must say no to war or lose.  I urge the rest of the world to negotiate for peace.


Now is the time.  Whatever you do, make peace and no wars. As I have told you for so long, no one wins from hatred, greed or racism.  I call you to awaken your true spirit and not fall victim to the programming of religious ones' one-upmanships.  I say, what God is it who destroys his planet - his or her creations?  What do you win with destruction and death?  No one has the right to take the laws of life and destroy.  Don't be overly angry or sensitive and create dumb problems. Be pure in heart and mind. Open your eyes and mind to be kind.  Do only good deeds.  Talk things over.  Be truthful and adapt so you will have a harmless life.  Have fun and create happiness. Cancel all rage.  Change is powerful.  Be extraordinary and create a uniqueness to win successful living for all.  Don't imagine the past or cry over losses.  Be strong.  Don't trust wildly.  Know who is who.  Even then, rely on the one you.  Stay warm.  Be wise. Smile. 


January 21, 2007 


In today's world humanity has been told a thousand stories by religions, 'isms,' government, medics and pharmaceutical companies.  One-upmanships are the going rate.  Even spirituality is sold at a price!  You can go and hear them speak and you know in your heart that they are poor and are selling you fairy tales, not the truth.  They are telling you what you want to hear, not what you need to know, and so you are shackled by your heart to them forever as followers.  I would like to call you back and have you become leaders.


January 20, 2007 


It is not about religions or New Age 'isms' but rather about coming to the understanding that no one religion or even any of the 'isms' can teach you if you are not ready to surrender within to the divine self - awakened as a divine being - responding in the holy rhythm of a pure mind, brain, body and spirit as the perfect harmonious soul within the universe - as a pure innocent in wisdom and creation, without the need of sexuality or its manifestations in life.  Even the material world is either a tool or nothingness, for the divine soul creates perfection for the time in all space.


January 5, 2007 


I wish you all to know that you are the ones who strive to be all knowing and so be liberated from all religious confusion, material entrapments and unkind actions…with all to respect mankind and work on the self to bring about peace and true freedom for all.  We must be our own best teacher and thus become holy women and men. The divine soul is man and womand  and is pure. So, we are free of all power cravings and can celebrate peace.


December 5, 2006 


May your mouth only know a smile for everyone and your heart know kindness and love for all.  May your bones carry you through life and be of service in great compassion. May, most of all, your brain be positive and know no racism ever and bring peace to everyone. 


November 27, 2006 


I offer now a prayer of peace for all. Peace is of pure life and harmonious being of all - without poverty and without wars for all who live upon space ship earth equally, and without racism against creed, colour or material status.


November 10, 2006 


Let me call all who have ears and say, All of the All we must save all children from all races, ceeds and colours and teach them respect through our actions and kindness.  


Come all and let not too much discouragement darken the skies with thoughts of fear and despair. Let us all be like brothers and sisters.  Let us all hold our planet sacred and work for peace.  Many are crazed by those of dark intent and greed now.  We are to be the pillars of peace.  We hold up the holy canopy of kindness for all.  


November 5, 2006 


Laughter is the great healer - the saving vibration the moment it spills out into the air.  All resentment, anger and irritation disappears and feelings of peace and contentment appear.  The sound of laughter sparks the air.  


October 30, 2006 


You will not have a free 2007. The stage is set. This is a wake-up call.  Don’t wait.  Investigate.


I foresee a major world change in authority with the CIA a controlling power in policing. Changes will come up suddenly - not be noticeable immediately – brought by those who rule behind the scenes just like the CIA and others are ruled, transforming life’s freedoms into police states…taking the power away from elected governments and giving it to bureaucratic, super nationally-controlled police states… iron handling the masses into an EU style free trade zone that will include the USA, Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Columbia and then watch out for wars that target Venezuela and the rest out there until they all fall under the control of the ‘powers that be’ residing in the USA.  See religions change to a New World Order Religion mixture of Buddhism’s “Dilly Dallying” (a Hitler type in the background) with the Roman Catholic Church right in the middle of the mix.  You might not want to believe me but is it a coincidence that Pope John Paul II was cosy / cosy with the Dilly Dally and now this new Pope is even more cosy / cosy with the Dilly Dally. All three men have huge Hitler memories and are connected through their education. You don’t need to believe me but if you are wise check it out before you jump up and down.  Hitler’s men, one of whom who educated the Dilly Dally, are also all connected.  Are women aware of this Dilly Dally being so rude and uncompassionate towards them?  What is the matter with all these Hebrews who are kissing up to this man?  Have they forgotten WW II?  Are they now so convinced that Rome would suddenly be all smoochy with them?  Look at all the German connections. World War II is not finished yet. It is still going in disguise. Hitler spoke of a New World Order. Does it sound familiar when you listen to the gentleman in the USA?  Watch my prophecy information.


Yes, of course there are Guillotines in place that were built in Germany and China, gas chambers on wheels and jails in different parts of the country. Research the internet.  (Google concentration or detention camps, Rex 84 and guillotines for more information.) 


Many of you must be like ostriches – rocked to sleep with your heads in the sand.  Wasn’t Euro the great example?  Watch what we will see – all these countries that were under the power of the Soviet Union will all be strung together. They never will be free.  Shall we call it a dark alien agenda? Shall we educate our children with the truth about the past so they may know the future?  You say Skull and Bones.  Are they the educators who own such a dark and sinister symbol of the New World Order?   Might it be that the population of the world could be the future Skull and Bones?  Just look at it – what the mainstream media is spitting out. Global warming, major depression, starvation and so on. Aren’t we all sick of the horrific war, pain and suffering that were created either visibly or behind the scenes?  It is time to hear the wake-up call.  


I survived WW II but lost all those I loved.  I do not want anyone, no matter what race creed or colour, to be mislead into confusion where they will be used to be fired up against each other and do the killing for the dark aliens who must live lives in great greed and hate.


You must also be aware that Lamaism is not the Buddhism that you are being sold for they practice nothing of the kind that is known of ancient Buddhism.  There are so many rumours that come to my door about covered-up pedophilia and rapes of little children.  No, no it is not only that old house of Rome.  There is the pedophile behaviours from the Buddhists monks with little boys.  I know you will say the devil made them do it but mustn’t it be that they invited the devil in?  Thousands of people around the planet have not come forward because they are afraid of their community reprisals but soon, very soon, you will start to assess what religions have brought you. No, not spirituality but always fear of hell.  No self-empowerment, but rather being followers, living in fear.  The governments who are controlling and are controlled have lost their compassion and are not of spiritual empowerment.  One of the Tibetan Lamas asked me what I thought – would it ever come to an end – the high taxes levied upon the Tibetan people by the Dilly Dally?  My comment was to not feel that it is your karma – it is just greed.  Remember that not too long ago, Rome too had so much power over the people that it literally bled them to death through guilt and that many a widow, through coercion, handed over their estates to the church – the one that never has enough.  Both have such similarities don’t you think?  Both have nuns and lamas/priests. So great is the similarity, would they be making the Mary figure the Quan Yin in their New World Order religion?  Before you go in a rage, start to think and see if in your heart of heart you can toss out your religiousness and be kind and compassionate and start to forgive yourself, your friends and the ones you know and start a healthy journey without hatred, fear and suffering.  You are going to need this since you can’t afford to leave anyone stranded. You need to be strong and stand hand-in-hand, heart-to-heart and understand that creating rage with the religion [Islam] that is oh so young and also full of followers, not leaders, is giving through war-like actions and hatred a tool to the new world order.  Look as Sudan and the millions who have died.  There is no need for all this suffering. I call all of you whatever race, creed or colour you are to make peace, stop your hatred, throw down your weapons and lead glorious lives of peace with true interaction with one another.  Let’s free the world through kindness and await the healing and laughter in a world of peace.


The Dalai Lama is part of the new world order and with him you will totally lose your last branch of freedom and choice. Look at the similarity between Roman religions and the Dalai Lama brand of Lamaism.  For you who are young, watch the new Panchen Lama who was born in Germany or the small lama boy to be the leaders to replace the aging Dalai Lama.  You really don’t believe that such a child is picked at the time of death. They already have the ones in place and programmed for their throne.  The Dalai Lama is not a spiritual leader but rather a political leader who still taxes his people to death in Tibet.  Wherever you are you feel sorry for him – the one who rakes in millions and never thinks of anyone else.  You talk about his suffering and take a look at his suffering followers.  Thailand is an example of religious genocide. Who is killing whom?  Moslems and Buddhists are killing each other.  In WW II it was Christian soldiers who killed other Christians even though on Sundays they heard that thou shalt not kill.  I say to you that karma is now.


One thing all these religions have in common is no kindness or compassion to women.  The Hebrew community and the Zarathustrian community are about the only ones where there is respect for women.  I am not promoting either one of these. I am just asking whoever you are, wherever you are, to make your women equal and let them have education and freedom of choice.


Watch out.  China will become a super power in the not too distant time.  We need to see all people as human beings and leave no one stranded as being inferior – whether by their religion, sex or status as rich or poor.  In the new One World Order Religion everyone will be chipped and controlled through the religion and new policing.  The global police force will all be dressed in black and will be ruthless.  The local police forces will lose their power and positions. Young men and women in the military will be shipped overseas so that they can bring in the new world order police forces. Do you think this is far fetched?  With 65 years of accurate prophecies, fluctuating here and there a small amount in time, my record speaks for itself.


The powers that be say that there is hunger and starvation yet they lie when they say there is not enough food and too many people.  Farmers dump tons of it as waste everyday.  They try to convince people about global warming when in actual fact you are in the initial stages of a polar shift.  Is it that the hidden powers are selling you apples for oranges?  Are they not sorting out the “convertible” races?  Remember that the Nazis lived easy lives after WW II in the USA, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Chile and other countries.  A home-style movie was recently found in a Baptist Church in England showing the Nazis eating, drinking and socializing – living the good life – at the Russian concentration camps where women, men and children were being abused, tortured or killed.  Now, would the Dilly Dally call that karma?  I call it abuse and slaughter.


October 29, 2006 


And Ahura Mazda said, “Hear mankind.  I am not of your race. I use not the weapons of your day.. tanks and bombers...hatred and suffering...old, not sharp swords or arrows with poison.  What you see as great is primitive to me and has no meaning.  What mankind needs now is great and when you seek peace I will make you great.  When in your primitive stupor and greed you overturn many mighty countries and cities, I will come and call and you will come and know I call you to peace.  I will undo the divisions you have made upon your planet. You will choose to live and bring kindness and high spirituality to your planet.  I will take those with warlike motives and charge you and you will know the devastation you seeded.  The young upon your planet will call for justice and refuse to go into war for I will ban all killing and racist hatred.  By the year 2014 you will all know me."


October 29, 2006 


As a reminder… from September 2004 through 2016, the planet will experience natural and man-made upheavals and wars.  Religions will fail and thousands will be in fear created by more disinformation ..created by false spirituality.. created by those who like to control and those who have religions as a business.. those who teach that war and killing is good, unlike the kind, loving beings who live by ancient Zarathustrian principles.


The Zarathustrians have offered a way to live peacefully with good thoughts … good words… good deeds… no hatred.. no killing.. and by ending racism.  Humanity needs to know before it is too late that greedy life is an empty life.  Resentments and “me, me, me,” are ending soon.  The ones who have plundered the planet will be chased away forever and the ones who created wars will be held accountable. If these arrogant ones believe that they can create more suffering, they should know that those from afar are here or are returning here to support the good.  I call all to stop all killing.  Peace can be now.   Wake up before it is too late. .


Religions destroyed the knowledge of history. They have distorted history over the past 3,000 years.  Then again a history of over 300 years is also missing.  Vatican has said the world is only 5,000 years old.  Ahura Mazda came through the galaxies to earth to bring peace and healing after the nuclear explosions, polar shift and destruction of Atlantis 9,980 years ago. Zarathustra came to earth shortly after to bring ancient Zarathustrian teachings to the people.  Other beings were upon the planet at that time and from then until now have stripped the earth of all its good resources. Those with whom they inbred are still upon the earth, controlling the planet through hatred and destruction.


October 14, 2006 


We are not physical beings experiencing life on earth. We are soul, mind and spirit experiencing earthly life. 


Our souls are the visitors to earthly life. Our body is the tool - the shell - to be seen on our journey of weightlessness. 


October 6, 2006 


The warlike use anger to recruit fools and children who believe heroes are men with guns, tanks, etc. 


The peaceful seek men and women of reason - those who smile and use gentle ways of life - the ones who heal the planet without war.  


Spirituality is like water and will flow and bring life to the thirsty and offer peace. 


Silence is the first step to awakening peace and is the beginning of understanding self and others. 


When the planet drowns in noises of technology, we call it progress. When silence just is, we find ourselves in the grasp of kind peace. 


When noise is called the voice of life, we must escape to the freedom of silence to heal our souls. 


Come and transform. Call for change.  Compassion is not standing by and claiming goodness or how good we are when we condone war and watch the killing fields of those who are mad. 


A new era is soon to come - the era when those who are wise transformed.


Those who need a secret place are the ones who are lost and suffer pain for they have ordered others to kill or have killed the ones they knew not - the great and oh so small.  They murdered man and beast and left the planet in devastating pain and rubble to shake man and beast into awakening.  Storms come and floods will come.  The trembling planet will shift man and beast and oceans will roll - all to renew and bring peace. There is no escape into outer space for it too will renew and toss all false ones who desire escape above the clouds, falling with no end.  Wars, hatred and greed must now end. 


An exercise to empower.... Sit at the edge of a stool or chair. Keep your back straight and wear warm red socks on our feet. Place feet flat on floor at width of hips.  Hold your hands under your ribcage with your right hand clasped over your left hand.  Raise your tongue to the roof of your mouth.  Breathe gently in and out.  Think of healing yourself, of being kind. Seek peace.  


Draw the most lovely smile on a piece of paper and look at it when you rise in the morning.  Think a thought of something very funny.  Laugh out loud. Think many times a day of something funny and share a smile.  


September 15, 2006 


How many lives have been destroyed?  How many children have been robbed of a childhood and suffered loss of family and friends?  Isn't it time that the rest of the world calls for fair justice for all - not justice to serve one country or another?  Isn't it better to reeducate them instead of creating war?  Never have wars brought peace or compassion. They have stirred up sorry and sorrow but not compassion.  The self-serving individual always feel it is okay to bomb the other guy. Never do they choose to be bombed or tortured themselves.


You need to understand that you are soul, spirit, mind and body and must not give away your divine wisdom to a brain that will stay behind on the planet and that can be told all kinds of tricks.  Isn't it so when you have been brainwashed about karma that that karma can also be part of confusion and lies?  Does rest of world not need to call for fair justice for all?  I urge you to choose change - by opening your heart and by  communicating with your soul and spirit for the best you can do to bring harmony to this planet. 


USA and Israel - you need to stop this crazy war,. You will be forever shunned by rest of world. Save the people. Save your respect and honour. You are overstepping your boundaries.  You will soon be in war with other Arabian people. You will find yourself in internal war with  Christians, Muslims and Messianic Jews. Lay down your warring natures. Which divine All of the All God is it who destroys its own?  You need to understand that Jews and Arabs came out of the same cradle. I urge you to calm down and call on all sane people to call an end to this mayhem. The All Perfect and pure said, "no killing, no murder."  I call you to park your egos. Be humble. Forgive one another. Call to start again.  Otherwise we will see the grand devastation, as took place in the library of Alexandria.  Zarathustrians are scattered over the world.  Many will not let you know they are there for they have been victimized for practicing no killing, and having honour and respect.  You cannot keep living in religious bigotry and hatred.  It is possible even at this late hour, that  you will forget who you are and who the divine All of the All is.  Religions will not be destroyed as long as man has the thirst and quest for divinity within them.  


August 4, 2006 


At this moment, not one knows Buddha or understands the gentle words of Gods and Goddesses, since ego drove all mad and into "me, me, me"  Not one can find bliss and all are afraid - mostly of self and one's thoughts and actions.  I speak of eternal life and you go to war or send others to do the killing.  You live in a lifetime of hatred and wars and liars who deceive you.  And you go along and seek no peace. 


July 26, 2006 


A great spirit gives us a sign and leads us away away from our destructive ignorance.  You - male / female energy of perfection.  You who gave us the warm sunlight, flowers in the fields, stately Cyprus trees and palm trees waving in the wind.  Each whispers a song of prayers for this great planet.  Come to us and call for peace because all are crazed by greed and hatred.  Hear us for all the weak and small who call to speak.  Come, come help us repair our pains. We all come to plead.  Give us refuge. Give us motherly/fatherly love and restore peace.  We know now we must share your planet.  Forgive our arrogance.  All is yours for us to live peacefully - your humanity. 


July 24, 2006


Help is everywhere. Compassion knows no race, creed or colour.  It comes from the soul and from a loving God.  Join us.  Say, stop the wars now.  Which God is it that forgets his/her creation and kills or destroys   what had been brought to life from the planet, and what is alive to all races, creeds and colours?  What kind of beings are they who blow up buildings, hospitals and schools?  What is the gain in this immature behaviour of destruction and foolish greed?  Be careful.  You might destroy all life on the planet, including your own. 


July 21, 2006


Compassion is that pure energy missing in the hearts of those who war and are blind to the smile of any child. Peace must be life's elixir and all war must end to obtain it. War makes us blind and walk in hate.


What kind of God is it who condones his people killing each other, regardless of race, creed, colour or religion?  Aren't they all his/her creation?


July 20, 2006 


How long does it need to take for mankind to know that the consumerist society must grow up?  How many people need to have a near death scare from famine, wars, sickness or poverty?  How many will be victims of genocide of the so-called pure races? What is a pure race and what is not? Are not all of one universe even when they come from other planets or galaxies?  Are we fools to judge the great Creator?  Are Jews or Protestants or Roman Catholics from different gods?  What is it that humanity sees at the end of the day?  Who are they waiting for..... an ecological breakdown – a global disaster of enormous proportions – most all living in the belief that they will be saved?  From what?  Themselves?  No religion can save them. We must save all by being in the know, No Quatzecoatl will welcome you, nor a Jesus or Buddha. Only your own consciousness is part of your karma. Karma is today. Your mind is a higher controller and power than your brain. You create your eternal life by what you do today. If you are a murderer you will be held accountable and will have to give restitution when you pass to the other side. You are soul, you are spirit. You will live forever, so what you do today affects your existence forever. All so-called spiritual leaders, should keep in mind that for each and every person they have tricked and led astray through religion or erroneous teachings, they will be held accountable.


July 17, 2006 


I call all Zarathustrians and truly spiritual people worldwide to organize peaceful protests against the horrific killings being perpetrated through wars in the world. Every person - every soul of conscience - needs to organize and protest. Peacefully march to let your governments know that these kinds of actions cannot be tolerated.  Light a candle in your window to show you care about the victims of war. You must put yourself in the moccasins of the other person - the victim - for one day you could be the one looking to the rest of the world for help. A cursory glance at the daily news broadcast just doesn't do it and today's mainstream media does not give full coverage of what is really happening for much of it is controlled by those with global agendas. You must all become involved, for to do nothing is to become like a willing participant or supporter of the horrendous actions of others. 


July 7, 2006 


You all came to save this planet. That is why you are here.


When freedom is pilfered and ripped away from the planet, it will only have been pilfered by those who have gained from doing so, but they could end up the losers.


June 30, 2006 


Come all and reason when I call you to a valley of peace and wholeness. Come, let us create paradise on earth. I will emphasize to you who is the I and needs to be responsible and know that the time for peace on earth is calling all who are of good intent - those who have given up the great I within, become selfless and know pain and turn it to love, without ego...the ones who call and are truly all good - the ones who care for all the small and know the great.  Come and create peace without creating more wars, hatred and suffering for ages.  Zarathustra (Zoroaster) has the lasting presence on earth. Zarathustra said no to violence and killing.  He gave the true laws to the planet and soon you must learn.  Come and join one another before it is too late.  The planet will be covered by fire from wars. I am calling all good souls to join together now. 


June 23, 2006 


If some things or circumstances arise, don't run from them.  Sit in peace and do not run from them.  Some run.  Others hide, but the spiritually strong and wise ones sill look for how they can grow and make it better by facing it in the centre. This is how one or all will come to be wise and grow because those who hide or are escapists will suffer, be immature and live in fear. They will end their journey empty and suffer forever.

So we ask you in humble voices... save us from all our fears and may we live life in wisdom and kindness to all. Even cowards need peace.


June 9, 2006 


I am the one they found encoded in many locations in the Bible as well as the Vedas, Gita and other religious and spiritual writings.  I was found there by those of NASA, not as a man but rather as a woman. You will be told by those who fear the spirit and are not of kind soul, to hate me.  I am the one from Revelations and I am in the Book of Mao. Those that know, know that I am one of many pasts.  I know life of war, sickness, death, of  imprisonment, torture and freedom. I am the one of your dreams.  I am the mother who calls out for her child to raise itself up to great spirituality. 


When worldly goods, self expression, empty prestige, admiration and meaningless praise have failed to fill the vacuum of your inner loneliness or meaningless living and when you have learned that these do not bring joy nor happiness and neither can they assure a life born offering self understanding and awakened compassion for others, then you can start to live a true of life of joy and divine peace, with a balanced consciousness.  


I am the one - the humble one - who knocks on your door of consciousness and spiritual awakening. Come - invite me in. With great love and compassion I offer you ancient thought. Toss away your empty relationships which have not brought you pure spirituality.  Do not enforce with your children and possibly future generations what was erroneously taught to your parents about religions and passed to you. Religions have not brought peace.  I call you to change and understand through karma - not the kind that recycles lives, but the kind that is today. If you haven't learned from your 'past lives,' isn't it time to now practice pure spirituality by calling all souls to join and abandon all wars and all nasty hatred to save your now karma and your planet, and thus the universe. I call all pure souls to be the avatars of the future. Today I'd like to light the light of your soul and your spirit so your body may shine this perfect holy light to the rest of the world. If you are desiring to practice true spirituality in your daily life, please contact us at info@saoshyant.org


June 2, 2006 


Religions today must evolve to peace.  We must know that the so-called accredited mainstream religions have opposed humanity's progress and have chosen, or sided with the forces of obscurity and oppression, to condemn true freedom of spiritual growth because of their fear of losing control.  All is pure of godly hearts. Hatred must be banned now off the planet. 

Religion in reality will not bring separation but what happens when one is Jewish and one is Christian or Moslem or one believes in something that others don't know about?  Then the belief will keep people apart whatever the name of god.  It is about life, soul and spirituality, not about superstitions.  Religions are just names - they are not the all pure one thought, which brings peace. 


May 29, 2006 (as given during May 25/06 event in Vancouver)


Your souls are divine and never lose the connection to pure light. Your divine consciousness is in no need of matter.  All you need to know is that the All Divine is above all matter and above this universe.  You are divine in pure essence at the first entry before birth.  Before you enter in your divinity you choose your mother and father hosts. They are like yin and yang.  Before you enter the host mother you are all perfect soul and spirit and mind.  You use the essence of pure creation's positive and negative elements to create physical bodies - male and female.  


Light is all of the all - pure one.  You must strive for truth and justice in science so there is no need for religion and we will have peace. 


Consciousness would not be a property or a material thing like a TV screen. A TV screen projects the material world or whatever comes in the eye of the camera.  So, you are an emerging piece of property material of your life force.  You are spirit also and must stop your wasting of time - experimenting with cosmos or light or even trying to captivate life or understand consciousness itself. 


Dreams are like movies on soul screens of memories.  Pure sensations of experiences and memories - feelings sad or joyful, true feelings of living and perfect life.  Soul is all perfect spirit.  The one who mirrors the body when astral travelling near or far - will correspond to pure consciousness.  Holiness comes of living in a state of pure life and thus reflecting divine pure light. So, to experience God and godliness be conscious of true light by living in kindness and holding truth gently in your actions and spirit over soul .... in living compassion for self and others without greed or self serving make belief.  All is pure in all and the God experience in everyone awakened will stop thieves and wars and will end all hatred for other souls regardless of race, creed or colour. 


Without religions all can be one in part of many universes, thus creating peace for all - knowing the God within all beings, without difference.  Religions and churches must stop programming children that wars are good. Never in history has there been a war, unselfishly fought, that has brought peace. 


May 28, 2006 


Great divine light, bless and protect our planet from harm done by foolish men and women.  May all be permitted to work and live in peace. Guide us, soul of souls, to work from spirituality, bringing harmony through our daily efforts to build a kinder world.  Great God of pure light, we all thank you to allow true soul growth and Etherean life on earth, living in kindness, peace and glory for our planet.


April 23, 2006 


Come all and supplicate all rulers, old and young.  Come shout it out so these rulers can't remain deaf to the cry of young and old. Let them show they have power to give this planet peace.  By awakening to this planet's cry, they will spare the world the ultimate horrors of a dangerous war - a war to have disastrous consequences - as no one could foresee.  Only change brings peace. 


April 11, 2006 


I call, in these days, the kind and wise to hear my words of warning to stir good thoughts and good actions and especially prayers that will come to ring in the ears of all mankind to stop the killings and the wars, to bring back all the good laws given to Zarathustra by the all high Ahura Mazda - the Creator - the Great Spirit, to urge all to live a life of good actions, without racism and wars.  All is the creation of one great God - great Creator. Come and pray for help to save this planet from evil men who think they must own and control it.  I call upon all believers of truth - all of those who are wise and of honour - who are of peaceful souls, and urge them to hear the noble truths and thoughts. Make your prayers real for peace and call for the stopping of all evil acts from man to man, woman to woman, to child - to save your honour. I call upon all Zarathustrians around the planet of good spirit to be examples by their gentle actions and by reaching out to all of humanity...to stop the manipulations of greater wars to come in the Middle East. We urge every religion of good heart to join in forever peace. 


April 4, 2006 


I am the one who was sent to you.  Whether you are male or female, religious or not, I am the one who came to mend the spirit to the soul, to bring the naked truth, and to be the awakener.  I am the one who is loved by the Creator and hated by those who walk in darkness.  I am the lady Saoshyant and hated by those who fear the kind Great Spirit - the All Divine who is known by more than a thousand names  - the one who created the universes and this planet – the one who sent a daughter, mother and grandmother in one - to a planet which is in pain, war, hatred and confusion.


I am spirit. I am soul and I am part of all Creation. I came by divine desire and hate no one.  The All Divine called all who can hear upon this planet to stand up as one against all hatred and destruction.  There are many universes. We are not the only ones.


I am the redeemer…the messenger of change…the lover of all humanity.  I came to stop the errors made by fools – men with thwarted egos who are lost and out of peace.  I offer the Great Spirit to all who will hear to turn and seek to create peace and healing for the planet.  I offer all the knowledge of salvation by listening to All Divine’s ever-so-loving whispers in your soul. 


When I came to earth in the past during times of great confusion on the planet, I was greeted with hatred and attack. Yet I still reached out to anyone of pure soul.  I offer the great soul – the All Divine – my prayers and pleading for humanity to have freedom and peace for all, and for the planet itself, whose suffering at the hands of mankind is so horrific.


I call all of you to change and open your hearts in love and great spirituality of mind to overcome all hatred and destruction. I am the awakener. Come, save your soul.


March 20, 2006 


Wishing all Zarathustrians a most serene and spiritual new year and remembrance of Zarathustra's birthday.


February 19, 2006 


I would like to address those who would call my prophecies negative and who would choose to stick their head in the sand and think it is only happening at the Jones'. I say to you that if you saw a child about to step off the curb and be hit by an oncoming car, would you not alert the child and pull them back?  The negative is what is what is taking place - not the warnings that come from the messenger. With my warnings you can positively prepare yourself and your loved ones. Is that not the ultimate in active positivity?  


Would governments and people around the world rather have it that they were not made aware of the possibility of events. What would have happened had people heeded my warnings for areas impacted by hurricane Katrina?  Would they not have been in more of a state of preparedness and in a position to react to such devastation?  When I warned people to get out the way during WW II, they listened. 


It is devastating to watch as thousands of people needlessly lose their lives around the world. 


I once had a Chinese newspaper that had published my forecasts tell me that it was scary that they were so accurate and had come about as I said. They preferred, they said, "the harmless psychics who offered information on when people were getting married or winning a lottery."  It saddens me to see that the world has so little concern for others and that we are living in such a self-aggrandized "me" society. It is time for the "us" society to take root. 


People should take a lesson from the animal world's "negativity" for they were the ones in tune with the Creator who got out of the way before the devastating Asian tsunami of Dec/04. But instinct alone will not work for all  humans - not when they have material possessions to worry about and because their family members are not necessarily close at hand. Children are in school. Spouses are working. The sick and elderly are in hospitals or care facilities. People must be in the know  and act to prepare.  Calling for the Creator only at the time of disaster and not seeking the Creator in one's daily life is not the answer.  Many people are so masonically and new aged programmed that even the ones who are getting out of the way have headed to danger areas. 


February 6, 2006


I am calling all people to return to peace.


We pray, oh great divine perfect All of All – Creation.


We all come before you and ask for your divine justice and forgiveness for all – red, yellow, brown, black and white… and for all mistakes made through wars and pollution to our beautiful red planet.


Forgive us our greed and ‘me’ society and our need to ‘never have enough’ control.  Make us kind by opening our hearts to each other, no matter what faith or colour.  Only humbleness will empower. Through kindness and understanding, we need to offer up to your divine soul – whatever you are called by all.


Oh great divine spirit, we all must meditate and pray for your gentle ear to hear us for we are a planet in great pain and confusion. Let us all stop hatred. We call for your forgiveness and for all who are spiritual to meditate for peace.


Good Thoughts

Good Words

Good Deeds

No Killing

Living the Highest Light of One’s Soul


December 23, 2005 


Oh fools who do evil to humans and beasts that were created pure, to a planet of great beauty – a planet that sustains you and is so socialistic, as is no other, and to a universe full of kindness.  Men and women, see that evil returns to you like dust thrown in a storm - cold and hard. To you who live without respect, know that all wrongdoing will bring karma now. Sometimes it waits awhile. Then it comes and hurts hard.  It is like the smouldering fire under the still grey ashes.  It will consume the wrongdoer.  The one fool (or the many) will not escape even when the idiot thinks he/she has won. Then it will consume his/her mind and confuse their life here.  Their next life will be destroyed.  No rest can be found.  Those of war will find no peace.




The hour is now. The planet must be respected and all the hypocritical leaders and defunct religions, which did not bring peace, need to come to be held responsible. 

Peaceful beings need to bring true calm and kind life.  No, not a year or so from now. They must start today. 


You are all Messiahs - all pure at birth - who came and practised restraint and truth.  Now is the time to evolve, be kind and show your evolution of wisdom, not of greed, hatred and hardheartedness. You are able.  I call you now to come and reach out for your good hearts are calling you.  Stop all hatred.  You can’t hate those who you have never met.  It is a lie. Don’t believe the illogical lies they told you. They never died and came back.  Live life now to the glory of the All of the All. God favours no gender - only good thoughts, good words, good deeds and no killing. You can’t kill of your soul created of one divine thought - the All who created All. Come to be Messiahs now. 


October 14, 2005 


Oh, my friends.  Let Creation take a hold of us. Let the Creator, the All of the All, call our souls and make peace with all and we shall make peace with Creation and find hope for all children and creatures, great and small. 


Oh, my brothers and sisters in spirit and soul.  You who are the believers in peace, join hearts and hands before it is too late.  Come all ... stop all differences...stop all conflicts...forgive one another.  I plead with you.  Protect our great planet.  Seek kindness in each other's hearts so you may see your Gods or Creator in Creation's peace.  Good thoughts, good words, good deeds for all.  Kill not one. 


September 16, 2005 - A Wake-up Call


Come all and call our Creator for our Creation, our planet, our universes.  Oh come, Ahura Mazda - you who for 10,000 years until the Kosmon time served our Creation, our Creator.  We call all names of all Gods to see the pain of wars and destruction.  I, the Saoshyant - the Prophet - am here to remind all that this is the time of the Iron Age.  The time is now to come together, to know that even the ancients are awakening.  The planet is shifting. 


I warn now that mankind must change.  Seek truth.  Return to the ancient ways of knowing.  Waters will rise.  Oceans will flood your shores. A bitter cold winter can be expected in North America and most likely in Europe as well. There will also be places in the world this winter where the heat will be so great that many will collapse.  The weather engineering will create cyclones and tornadoes as the powers that be want to eliminate 80% of the world population. Diseases will fall from the sky.  Millions will die of tuberculosis.  The new plague (bird flu) will kill millions.  The satellites will confuse.  The monster computer is your beast.  Stay free of their "chip."  Do not allow them to "DNA" you. You can choose not to be vaccinated or to vaccinate your children and grandchildren.  I pray for you.  False men and women will prey upon your children.  Be wise.  Educate at home. Those in religions of ancients will slowly be murdered by the Roman Catholic Black Pope.  Protestants, gypsies and nomadic people - they need to hide.  The time is now.  The Hebrew is sold out.  They will feel the pain within two years at most.  Know that The Pope owns Jerusalem.  Certain sections of the high Mason and the Black Pope are the ones who own the surface of the planet and break the hearts of all.  Ask yourself why when they are in control, there are so many poor and impoverished people.  Look at the once wealthy African lands.  I beg you.  Be strong.  The volcanoes will soon go. So be wise.  


I call you to seek peace.  Get to know one another before it is too late.  I plead with First Nations to seek your old ways. Pray and drum for the ancients.   Follow the ways of the holy ones.  Now, not later, you must find your way.  Evil runs the earth.  Open your hearts.  Be kind. Go back to your ancient ways.


I call to all Parsis,  Zarathustrians and true Faithists of the planet... Shake off  "I must have and I must do."  Reclaim your spirituality.  This is the Iron Age.  This is the time of the great change, as has been spoken about for the last 10,000 years.  Go back to your ancient ways. Hide who you are.  Do not be "chipped" or "DNA'd."  Don't be fooled.  You who are Sindu and Hebrew - heed my call.  You are in these times of great peril.  Do not mingle with those who are the perpetrators of hatred and have your demise in view, since their motto is "One planet...One new world order religion... Be done with the old ways."  Reach out to the helpless. The New World Order are awaiting in 2012 the return of Enke, an ancient Greek God and Quetzalcoatl, the feathered serpent God.  

The world will be thrown into the greatest darkness it has ever seen though famine, genetically-engineered foods, deadly vaccinations, weather engineering (creating man-made cyclones, tornadoes and hurricanes and storms).


If you want proof from the past, look when the Roman Catholic Church reigned in India through the English Crown and Masons, and reigned the Aztecs and the Mayans.  The ancient peoples were driven into states of dire poverty. Look today at what is happening to the African continent - a place once so wealthy and lush. Look at the result of man-made weather engineering on the African continent. We must not fall into hatred and must maintain our peace, but have wisdom and be in the know about those who rule the planet.  Watch out for the actions that come from the English crown, the Black Pope, the Pope from Rome, Russia, China and the USA.  Wake up.  Reason and spread the word.  As one, we can survive the times that are coming. Those who are sleeping will have a rough awakening from this dark surprise.  Pray together.  


Come all together.  Be like one.  Bring joy in your spirit.  Share compassion.  Seek peace and after put balm on the pain.  Walk with friends and loved ones as one.  Be my friends by being in the know. The time is now.  Not in fear, but in knowledge and peace, will you survive.  Be well.


September 14, 2005


The hope we need to hold is that all work for peace on earth.  We need to renew our compassion and love for each other and work to be free of tensions of material nature - large and small.  We need to understand we are one soul without race, creed or colour  - just spirits and souls coming together for eternal life.  Then we make it right for the All.... one planet. 


September 9, 2005 


So many in the big cities are motivated by self-serving lifestyles that they think they need in order to be fulfilled. Reality is not that way. You need to be as one.  Love, compassion, truth, kindness are the real sources of life-long happiness.  If you continue nursing hatred or selfishness, you will not find happiness or peace in the things or many homes you own.  The time is now.  

Share and come together.  Save all.  The planet has had enough of injustice.  It is like a wet dog and wants to shake off the weather like it would the fleas.  Now is your time to join with me in the changing of time with the
Revolution of Compassion and Love for Peace without bloodshed. You can, in peace, claim back your freedom with real love. It lies within your grasp.  Change yourself to change wars to peace. Join me now for peace!  Stop the destruction of our planet.  Living in the know is the answer.


September 7, 2005 


The ones of darkness who are filled with hate shall create obstacles and slander the good teachers.  Are you one of these.  Are you condemning the holy one - the lover of this planet?  Do you have a part in what you condemn or are you a tool for the dark side who wants to see her silenced?


Let all not forget the teacher - the prophet.  She is still here - working with you and for you - to keep you in the light and in the know. 


August 4, 2005 


Will we, within the next 10 to 15 years, become victims of nanotechnology? ..A "nano society" where they choose race perfection only from those from the Caucasian Mountains... no others allowed.  Will we become victims of mad scientists who want to create a planet for themselves, with us as work cartel slaves who are without freedom?  Be in the know. 


July 29, 2005 


Dearest souls.  Be strong in your love for each other.  Dearest Creator - may all life celebrate you regardless of race, creed, colour or origins.  May all life call you for gentle living's sake to hold truth and kindness holy.  Protect us from our confusions and arrogance.  Hold us dear forever.  Soon we will see the light and love bestowed upon the earth.  The Gods know you are real.  We bless you Creator and Creation with love divine.  Stop us, I pray, from wars and hatred.


July 28, 2005 


We, the wise, will teach the children of now and the future to live in the know and to choose to change for peace, through compassion and respect for life .... to set all free from all tyranny, and war.


July 20, 2005 


The primary principal of creation is the divine consciousness, the 'willing into material manifestation' through the use of desire, to be, by our own connection to the all,  pure divine Creator and Creation....to manifest as soul spirit into creating of the four - consciousness, soul, spirit and material body. 


The earth-friendly being can will itself before birth to be male or female.  All created are of vibrations and of lower or higher energies.  We have divine wisdom and power unused within. The beings are the ones who need to be informed of the power and its use in completing creation, after the earth experience, in order to be able to progress onwards in many universes or to return to the whole living consciousness to become part of the one divine consciousness...to share universal wisdom with the divine at peace.  This great vibration  creates peace, harmony and enlightenment for the earthbound soul so that it may exist upon the earth. 


All pieces of mother earth - flesh, bones, plants, trees, mountains even stones and sand - have the spirit of creation .. of divine thought.  They have vibrations and vibrate. 


Vibrations are like music - high and low. Vibrations have colour. Everything vibrates divine consciousness.  Spirit energy is what the medium finds through psychometry - the vibration and information of the spirit who inhabits the body wearing the object - their past and present vibrations of joy and sadness and of future events in their lives. 


You can take a horseshoe magnet and can't feel the magnet's vibrations unless you train yourself.  The sound of the violin will vibrate long after the player stops playing it.  Plants are very sensitive and love sounds. The blind can see colours with their sensitive abilities. 


Also, we can come closer to the divine by understanding vibrations of sweet consciousness, soul, spirit and body and by knowing that they are connected while one sojourns here upon earth. When one comes free of the body, the body's vibrations are left behind while the divine vibrations of consciousness, soul and spirit return to their universal (heavenly) realm. There is no death. The disincarnates become cosmic travellers and their vibrational conditions change and create the ability to manifest - to materialize after they have gone through transition.


Remember that all things vibrate in sounds and colours.  So, we experience waves and wavelengths of light at a rate of thousands per second - vibrating so very fast you can't count them unless you are in  possession of an electrical counting system.  These become two or three or four different groups of vibrations, colours and sounds. That is why animals and birds, through the vibrations, sense upcoming earthquakes, storms, tornados, etc. for they have not been robbed of their higher senses. 


Know that the spider catches the fly in its web by vibration. All is vibration - anger, compassion, hate, generosity, pain, love and peace.  Remember that for the last fifty-two years I spoke to all of you about being like beads on a string and that when one vibrates, all vibrate together.  When war is created anywhere on your planet and people, whether soldier or civilian,  are in fear, they are all participants and victims of out-of-balance vibrations that will create discontent, fear and sickness for whomever is open to them.  Gentle souls will suffer - especially newborn babies, little children, and nature. 


Those who create anger, suffering and war will eventually become the victims of what they have created through their vibrations and will create discord. So, may loving, peaceful thoughts fill your space and travel around the world.  Practice divine vibrations and send healing to those who are victims. 


July 15, 2005 


Oh Creator, Oh Creation, Oh All of All.  Too many branches for mankind to climb on the tree of life.  Mankind climbs up and down the tree to find the light, so with the New Agers and Lightworkers.  So many saints I have met and meet who do nothing to water the tree of life eternal for soul's sake or for our Creator.

This is the time that these of the south, north, centre and west will war over that which is not theirs. Violence against life will arise and they will fight in the hearts of the mothers, the fathers and the children.  The time of truth and redemption is now.  Hatred must end.  Own your essence. Protect your souls, I plead before it is too late.


July 8, 2005 


In these days which are upon us, the most spiritually select - the pure of heart - shall choose to live their existence in these times in peace and full harmony.. surrendering racism, ungodly ways of hatred and pride, one-upmanship and shall never transgress in mind or body into states of anger... no lying, murder or stealing... no war.  Nor shall they worship warmongers or condone wars and poverty.  They shall complete the rest of their days in harmony.. free of racism.  


May 8, 2005


May all who after wars toil and after battle on land and stormy seas and memories of death camps and loss of loves and foes, ease after wars.  Find silence in turbulent hearts.  The after-life and stillness do inspire kindness and peace.

Come, oh come, my sweets.  Surrender to the Creator and come - dry your hearts, your eyes – and be sweet. My dears, I am the one who was in paradise and was taught to give you hope and joy and peace. You called me the mother of peace.  Living in the know is my gift.  A soft melody in your hearts and love and a positive journey into tomorrow will bless all nations on earth…. Our Creator giving love to all races and creeds. 


April 29, 2005 


The Olympic Games were a creation of the Creator and were taken to earth by Ethereans (Haida, Alika, James and Sophia).  The Creator intended that they be used to bring people together and for athletes and races to use their spirituality and vent their competitive earthly nature through non-warlike means.  By 2026, the Ethereans hope that man will have abandoned their warlike natures and live in harmony and unity, sharing the earth without borders. The Olympics will then be used as tool for peace. 


March 9, 2005 


Let wars yield to compassion for all and give the spoil of wars to those who created them.  The hatred in the hearts of young and old - men and women - to kill the ones they know not.  They shall not find peace here or hereafter.  Peace is in the pure of hearts.  Damn the killers for they are lost.  Save the repenters for they shall be the salt of the new earth.  


March 4, 2004 


Let us all be a force for life.  Let us all be a force for forgiving our own racisms.  Let us be a force for compassion.  Let us all shed a tear for all the innocents who are felled by wars.

Come my companions, let's not make false promises.  Act for love and self esteem.  Tomorrow we meet.  Come all together and love.  Love peace.  Love harmony. Come protest against hatred. 

Come join hands and dance, dance.  Come now.. wait no longer. Spread the word.  We are one. Let's dance in the streets worldwide.  Help organize the May 7th peace dance around the world.  Send out emails.  Let's organize for you, for them and for all children. Daises and plumeria around the world.  Come, let's sing and dance for the earth . for all countries.. for peace.  


February 27, 2005


Sometimes the Creator's love uses Angels pure and good to create opportunities to heal old wounds.  They give glimpses of truth.  A door swings wide open to meet again and to see real joy ... to overcome old stories.  Sometimes many lies were told. Children suffered.  Brothers and sisters have broken hearts because of falsehoods.  Politicians who were destroyed by the lies that are or were told.  Judges with vengeance or things to hide.  Lawyers with payoffs and tradeoffs where deals are or were made.  There is no justice.  It is in the eye of the beholder.  And lives are destroyed. 


So, we call upon Angels to quiet our souls and to make wise our spirit... so truths can be told. 




Now is the time for young and old to do the great journey for true peace.  We need to end the commercial control of the earth.  To end it, my friend, not by being followers but by using wisdom and compassion.  We need to awaken all and stop the Bilderberg movements of commercializing life and controlling natural resources.  We now need to end the brutal, inhumane manipulations of the masses and the destruction of mother earth and the universe.  We, the Earth Angels, need to be awake and educate the rest of humanity, to become Earth Angels who will spread justice, love and peace and embrace the earth with compassion. 


I hope all mankind will come together to resolve their quarrels and isms without wars and seeding hatred.  There are no good wars.. only bad ones.  For peace on earth, use the internet, spread our words, awaken all.  This is not a fight for peace but a chance of enlightenment.  Through awareness,  take to the streets... say no to hatred.  


Holiness is in the hearts of the earth angels for peace.  Black, yellow, red or white.. a ribbon tied around a bundle of flowers called the peoples of the earth.  Spread it out. 




Ah, come and seek the soul, commune with spirit and your minds.  And you will find peace while you rest. 


Ah, come now and scorn all disturbance of peace.  No sacks of gold or jewels or palaces will bring you peace of soul, nor heart.  Neither will wars ever bring the earth peace, nor joy, in the hearts of man or beast.  Wars, hatred and greed will plunge your soul into eternal disgrace. 




February 25, 2005 


True contentedness comes from the soul / spirit connection and knowing oneself through self-examination.

We must not forget .. before we criticize others, know the truth and know what moves us and that our inner wisdom is working for our gentle spirit.  Know thyself and be at peace.

The perfect soul knows true harmony and lives in peace with the angels and the world.  Satisfaction springs up like a river and he/she knows when a pure river turns to a heavenly stream of joy and peace.

Zarathustrians know, as do the Vedas of old. So did our ancient Moses understand. If a Bhikkhu should desire family he/she should practice forgiveness over discontentment, so hatred would never overpower the
spirit. Master and subdue any disharmony and gossip.  Seek righteousness.  Be devoted to kindness in times of war and discord.

Be alone and not manipulated.  Times are hard.  See through things and seek godly life within.  Be alone in your prayers for nowhere one goes shall he/she be alone.  I am soul and I am connected with the All.  So are you my dear friends. Seek the Creator and find peace.  Man, in confusion, will rob you.  No religions can or will save you. Only you and the pure spirit, soul in silence, can reach the greatest of heights. You are born pure and will strive to stay pure.  My dearest friends.. love only.  Have compassion for the All - earth, man and beast.  Seek peace. 


February 18, 2005


Those whose minds are confused and the path of truth is dark and self esteem waivers without power.. whose faith in peace is lacking, they shall never reach fullness of soul or wisdom to be eternal.


You are all part of the great universe of the Creator.  Make sure you do not be the one, or part of, creating hell. Now is your hour to act and to give your kindest and best... to create harmony and paradise and to make a revolution of peace and tolerance and the ultimate compassion for all ... in true love of life, the earth and universe.

Under the hardship and fear, the immeasurable discomforts that mankind created by actions or actions of stupidity and war... today you can't swear in the media but can show violence and killing. What form of wisdom is there in this?  You can't have nudity but pornography is allowed.  Should they cover the poor corpses blown to bits by bombs and tanks? 

December 27, 2004 


Freedom and peace comes from practicing love, compassion and sharing... to be free of racism.  Real freedom and goodwill - we need to invite these into our hearts and be examples to the world.  Surrender hatred.  Sow the seeds of oneness - to be strong enough to stop all violence in action and thought and language.  Peace is the reward for all. 


July 25, 2004 


Being in the Know - Not Living in Fear 


This is the time and place when/where humanity needs to come to reclaim its spirituality and start to live from the soul, by being "in the know."  It is no longer a time to be followers, but rather to be doers.  I am looking for participants - doers - to help to spread the message. You who are reading this at this moment, can make a choice and become a survivor and doer by "being in the know." 


In order to create a stable life, you must understand that you are living in the Iron Age. When you know this you can use it to your advantage.  Everything is a cycle - through the earth, water, air and metals. It is cyclical.  Metals have formed the hard currencies and parts of warfare destruction and construction.  Look out of your window of life and you will see that there are huge amounts of iron - from boats to trains, to aircraft, to cars, to washers and dryers in your own home, etc. - all made out of iron. If you start to look even closer, bathtubs in many homes are also made out of iron. So, you bathe in it too. This is the time when the Iron Age will begin to unwind (within the next 10 years).  As it does, and since water is the next cycle and since metal and water do not mix, you are going to see corrosion of every day life. Water is the life-giving substance to the earth and humanity. So, in the next 50 years you will see great struggles over the drinking water, oceans, rivers and lakes.  Water will become the highest-priced commodity. You will taxed on the very air you breathe. It is up to you to bring change.   


This is the time you are going to reclaim your physical and spiritual life by being in the know - by being aware that millions are losing/will lose their homes, their incomes and their very livelihoods.  Now is the time to create communities in your neighbourhoods for your own safety and theirs.  Hold gatherings and educate people about the importance of not snitching on each other, but rather about  working together.  Through community living you can protect the little children, your own home, your freedom and the lives of elders. You can set up trading resources for food, tools, cloth, yarn, clothing, boots, clothes, sandals, car parts and so forth.  Create a friendship watch.  


You will soon be forced into government control through banks, credit cards and the medical community. Policing of people will be more severe than in the former Soviet Union.  The agenda of the powers that be (the beast) to eliminate 80% of the world population, is no joke. Those who they believe are not cooperating, will be arrested, imprisoned or murdered. Search the internet for Rex 84, detainment and concentration camps.  Sites such as http://www.apfn.org/apfn/camps.htm give you evidence of what is happening.


They are going to force all the elders over 65 to be vaccinated with a certain type of flu shot that will create respiratory failure. Thus, they will be eliminated. New and young infants will be so-called "tested" for mental illness.  They will be vaccinated, chipped and programmed.  Home school your children.  If you want to come through these difficult times, don't panic. Here is my advice for you.  Do not receive any vaccinations or flu shots, since they can hide the chip in them. The chip has truly has become the tool of the beast. 


Be aware of your television, radio and newspapers so that you cannot be hypnotized, influenced and controlled through the media. Be aware of cell phones and cell towers - which are instruments to track you or eliminate you after you have been chipped.  Change your daily routines. If you went to work via road A, switch to road B. Never take the same route as a routine. Also, make it so that even your dinner time changes so that it is not at the same hour every day. That goes for breakfast and lunch too.  


This is the time that true love and compassion are the tools are survival. Truth is your weapon of protection. You need to come to a full understanding that this approach will break the mind control from the beast and it will empower you and your loved ones.  By getting to be "in the know" and by resolving disharmony with friends, loved ones and neighbours, you will create safety and harmony. There is power in the strength of those who are in the know. Organize - not through carrying weapons - but rather by Being in the Know!  


We are looking for volunteers and neighborhood trainers in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA and wherever else there is the knowledge that the beast is striking.  Stock up vitamins and minerals and store in cool, dark places.  Stock up on wild rice as it does not rot or spoil if it is kept dry. Stock cans of beans and canned water-packed fruit.  Make sure that you have camping gear, outdoor wear and backpacks on hand and ready for use.  Having a homeopathic first aid kit and stocking up on Multiple Tissue Salts (homeopathic remedy) are mandatory. If you are on medication, make sure you have ample stock on hand (e.g. insulin).  Further information is available in The Etherean Travellers and the Magical Child.


June, 2004 


The Psychological Barrier to My Existence and Teachings


Everyone likes to feel that their environment is familiar and will never change.


The psychologists and psychiatrists – the testing they did to me as a small child of ten to satisfy their curiosity…. The game playing by the so called parapsychologists, ESP labs, and so forth, proving that what is on the scene has to be concrete and explainable to their uneducated understanding of the great universe and the All of the All – Creator – male/female energy – whether called hologram or molecular frequency and so forth – whatever small minds want to call it….The healings, apparitions and otherworldly knowledge of ancient times they could not fathom possible. 


The box created has to fit all people and there is no place for other. Their structured place of knowledge and understanding of one’s surroundings is a primary condition for existence.  So, any informational input that does not coincide for existence or that what is known and familiar creates a threat to them because it shakes the very foundations upon which they build their belief.  And if you are different, we must redirect it and resist it. Even it your information helps the world population to live peaceful lives, they continue to suppress the natural healers, the true prophets and think that these messengers of change are abnormal and must be silenced – the same as the Etherean Beings and UFO phenomenon whose beings are surveying the universe and are concerned for the planet earth and the devastation created for the rest of the universe.  They must be made into hoaxes.


I am not in competition with want-to-be psychics or others. I am who I am and want to teach all people that you are never alone and to learn to work with and use otherworldly knowledge by developing others – their gifts.  I make it clear – I am not a channeller.  I came to earth as was foretold.  Read the ancient reports of almost ten thousand years ago (Zarathustrian writings), as well as the Bible Code before the bible was changed, the true Kabala, the Veda and ancient writings from the first Budah.  My coming was not erased.  


I am harmless to those who are out of balance. Calm down. Your times are changing for the better.   I am here to help awaken you to your great spiritual need and to comprehend the urgency for you to save your planet.  I am here to help and heal the earth. Help me do the job.  Stop all wars.  "Thou Shalt Not Kill" must be your Motto. 


Mankind tends to crucify the messengers of love. They tend to stone them to death, because of mankind’s lack of insight. Only those who are very special amongst you will know and assist in this difficult journey for global peace. 


January 1, 2004


You come to believe you need to have armaments to have peace on earth.  When someone is not conforming to our ideologies we punish or even exterminate him or her from society, or we label them as heretics.  One nation hates another nation.  We burst into tears when we see poverty stricken nations but do nothing to help our own or do little about it.  Nor will  there be help for those who risk life and freedom awakening the all of humanity.  Once in a while we know the confused will even destroy the ones who help.  They need their name in the paper or on national TV.  It brings prestige - nothing wrong with abusing the helpers or the bringers of the message. It is all about gain - even using the poorest man or woman in the streets.  Religions of gain and glory.  Presidents who use people for gain so the people matter not.  It is time to come to our senses now.  Stop the greed, hatred and poverty.  Come work together now.  Be free.  Claim freedom from the heart.  Stop the wars.  Bring back your beloved.  Save the earth.  Heal the sick.  It is not too late to save the earth NOW.  


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