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Interesting Facts About Her Holiness


  • recognized as the Saoshyant 

  • is renowned internationally as a prophet, speaker, author, peacemaker, spiritual teacher and humanitarian

  • is a spiritual being who works without fanfare

  • has been called an angel and saintly being by many, including Yogis from India

  • is named as a Holy Messenger of God (Creator) and is referenced by name, place and date of birth, etc. in the Bible Code, Veda, Torah, Kabbalah and ancient Zarathustrian and Buddhist writings

  • was placed upon her custodial father’s desk when she was 3 years old and answered questions from clergy, dignitaries and politicians, who lined up for hours to see her

  • was dubbed the “Little Prophet Extraordinaire” by European mainstream media, for as a five-year old child living in the Netherlands during World War II she gave prophetic information to the underground, which helped save thousands of lives 

  • watched as priests in St. Peter’s Cathedral prostrated themselves before her when she arrived as a 23 year-old 

  • was invited by two different Popes to visit, both offers of which she declined even when the Pope’s personal secretary arrived with private jet to transport her 

  • has been compared by mainstream media to Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr.

  • watched Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi stop her own lecture when she sighted her, leave the stage, bow in front of her where she was seated in the audience, tell the audience that there was no need for her to speak since the “ holy one had come” and promptly left the packed audience without doing her lecture

  • was invited by the late Kathryn Kuhlman to share the stage with her on her 1973/74 lecture/stadium circuit, an offer she politely turned down 

  • has had Tibetan llamas approach her excitedly in airports and restaurants, bowing upon meeting her and inviting her to their temples   

  • is known for miraculous healings which have taken place in her presence and remotely around the world 

  • was a personal friend of Krishnamurti, who commiserated with herself regarding the difficulties ones such as they faced in bringing out their message to the world (1962/63)

  • befriended the sainted priest Padre Pio in Italy (1962/63/64)

  • has had people who can see energy run out of stores and restaurants after her to ask to speak with her and marvel at their good fortune in meeting her, even though she tries to blend into the community

  • had people from Japan sent by their master to find “the one living in Vancouver” arrive at her home by tracking the round rainbow they found illuminated over her house 

  • has taken away the fear of death and dying from thousands of people and helped many through the transition from this world to the next 

  • has given amazingly accurate global forecasts her entire life about everything from where the next earthquakes and floods will hit, to wars and conflicts, to economic conditions, to politics and political unrest – for which there is much evidence of past forecasts fulfilled  

  • created a map of the future that is being proven in its accuracy

  • does not promote fear in people, but rather empowerment, preparedness and social responsibility

  • gives tangible advice to people in what they can do to effect change in themselves for the betterment of mother earth and all that lives upon it    

  • does not seek followers, but rather encourages independence of thought and responsibility in decision

  • speaks of the future, not just the now, for to look only at today blinds people to the possibilities for a better tomorrow

  • gives and does for humanity on a continual basis even though she has experienced huge hardship and exploitation at the hands of mankind

  • has reached out to humanity for more than 60 years - to the disenfranchised, the broken, the sick, the dying, the addicted, those seeking spirituality and soul growth, and the children, adolescents and adults seeking a better tomorrow

  • gives evidence of the continuation of  “life after death” and has taken away the fear of death and dying from thousands of people and helped many through the transition from this world to the next 

  • is helping to heal the souls of mankind and bring a powerful message of awareness, change and peace to humanity  

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